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"Attuned to Spoken and Unspoken Learning Needs" - KCLS Recommendation

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

"Javoen Byrd is an immensely talented musician, and an expert on drumming traditions from cultures around the world, especially those developed by the peoples of West Africa. He is also a patient and respectful teacher, attuned to his students’ spoken and unspoken learning needs. His drumming workshops for the King County Library System were lively and interactive, featuring historical overviews of cultures, instruments, and styles, interspersed with live demonstrations, personal anecdotes and call-and-response style group music making sessions. His personality is friendly and engaging, and he was able to tailor the workshops to the ages and skill levels of the audience. Post-workshop surveys were all extremely positive, and many requested that we invite [The Hawk Foundation] back for additional sessions. I would highly recommend [The Hawk Foundation] for your institution."

Steven Bailey

Librarian Services Manager

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